Move Away…Then Fly On Home?

April 19, 2011

Our office contains an interesting group of people. During a recent meeting we discussed our backgrounds and histories with each other, as we were welcoming Jason Burton, our new Web Developer, to the team. It turns out we have more in common than we realized.

Duane and Elizabeth moved from Nova Scotia to Nashua, New Hampshire – they lived there from 1996 until 2005, when they came back to Nova Scotia. I’ve (Tab) lived here, there, and everywhere – most recently Toronto and Moncton. Michael is from Orillia, Ontario – he and his wife moved to Cape Breton in December of 2010. Jason and his wife just moved back from Toronto.

Notice a trend here?

We’ve all lived away. We’ve all experienced other lifestyles – city life, the speed at which life moves in those other places. Yet here we all are once again. It piques my interest – what is it about “coming home” that has such a pull for us? Surprisingly, we all share a similar way of thinking: it’s a less stressful place to live and work. The cost of living is a little lower, the pace of life is a little slower, it’s generally considered a better place to raise your kids (for those of us that have them) than the city. All of these things played a part in the Sandy Bay Team all “coming home” – and let’s be honest…the fact that it’s home helps a little. Plus, for anyone who’s from a place that’s near the ocean – you really do miss it once you’re away.

Amazing, where life takes you, isn’t it? We’re all home and happy to be. There’s nothing like working and living in a place near and dear to your heart.


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