FuzeCMS – A Primer

July 6, 2011

No effective website should be without a proper content management system (CMS) to manage it. Once your website is up and running and you’re dealing with customers, you’ll want the ability to easily make changes. These could be very small, such as changing a staff member’s email address,or adding a news item, or larger scale items such as adding a whole new product line, a new division or even re-assessing the direction of your business. This is when implementing a CMS becomes an important part of your online experience. Working quietly behind the scenes, the right CMS gives you the ability to maintain your own site using web-based tools that work much like Word does. Choosing the right CMS can enable you to treat your website as a living, breathing part of your business strategy. Choosing the wrong CMS can impede your ability to compete in the new world of online marketing.

A well-designed content management system makes your website work for you, not the other way around.

FuzeCMS is the perfect balance of freedom and control, making it an ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses. In everyday use, authorized users of the FuzeCMS system are empowered to edit the words and images on their website, but are required to ‘colour inside the lines’. These constraints are needed so that anyone editing the content stays within the bounds of the website’s original design. This ensures that your brand is respected and that the look and feel of the site remains true. Other content management systems can hamper efficiency by adding bureaucratic approval processes or they allow users so much freedom that their website can start to look like a completely different site altogether before long.

Here at Sandy Bay Networks, we ourselves use FuzeCMS on a daily basis. This helps ensure that we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our product – and pass those improvements on to our clients. Because we developed FuzeCMS from the ground up, we have the knowledge and the expertise to implement changes quickly and correctly. FuzeCMS  is completely separate from the website’s visual design, so our team of designers, business analysts and software developers can create a unique website for your company using the FuzeCMS platform. FuzeCMS simply acts as the ‘caretaker’ for your website while never forcing you to compromise on your design.

While almost all new CMS’ successfully separate content, layout and design, FuzeCMS separates your content further into defined field types so that proper validation can be done when editing this information and the authority to edit this type of data can be controlled. This allows a more granular permissions model to be applied to each field so that on any single page of content, users can be restricted from altering specific fields. This model also ensures that any data coming from your database is always handled properly so that, for example, if FuzeCMS expects a currency value in a ‘Price’ field, it can perform the proper validation to ensure this happens. This seemingly simple feature helps set the FuzeCMS system apart from traditional content management systems and allows non-technical users to confidently make changes to the website.

Technically, FuzeCMS is deployed using a “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) model which means that the most recent stable version of FuzeCMS is built directly into your website. This means you will never have to upgrade the FuzeCMS software and you will always have access to all the new features and capabilities of FuzeCMS.  All enhancements made to FuzeCMS are free to our clients and all upgrades are handled at the Sandy Bay Networks offices. We believe that the FuzeCMS should be empowering but remain as simple and transparent as possible.

Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear them! Would you like a demo of FuzeCMS? Simply contact us here at Sandy Bay Networks – we’d love to show you how quickly and easily managing your content can be!


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