Jumping Out Of A Plane

September 1, 2011

No, we’re not jumping out of a plane. Quite frankly, I feel that jumping out of a perfectly good plane is just plain silly – I’m also terrified of heights, so that might factor in there somewhere. No, no skydiving for the Sandy Bay crew, alas. I bet you’re wondering “Then what’s with the title?”, right?

I wanted your attention. 

Every day we’re overwhelmed with a steady stream of information. Tweets, Facebook status updates, LinkedIn updates, news headlines, scrolling tickers on tv, text messages…the list is long. Our brains are constantly bombarded with information; it’s the new world. My question to you is this: How much of it do you actually notice?

When every day is filled with things trying to grab your eye for a split second, what sticks? What makes you click a link over another? What makes you stop switching channels? What makes you stop in your tracks and actually think about something?

It’s been a long-known fact that newspapers and tabloids spin their headlines to catch your attention – how else can they compete, right? Wrong. Their main way of competing should be, in our opinion, being the best at what they do. Sure, an eye-grabbing headline once in a while is worth its weight in gold…but what about the aftermath? Once they’ve got you, can they/should they/are they able to keep you?

Think about it. And uh…sorry about the headline, but we’re worth it. 😉


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